Heading 3​​​​​SERVICES

Dean offers a unique one to one service for his clients because he knows that every players needs are different, both on and off the field. With over 20 years of experince in the footballing world dealing with managers, players and coaches Dean works closely with everyone to make sure that the best results can be done all the time.

With connections to many differnet clubs from the Premier league to league 2, academies, Development centres, other agents/agencies also means that there is no stone unturned in getting things done.

Specifically tailored for every client, providing professional advice to assist and conclude your contract, loan moves and transfers deals.
Working with many clubs Dean can help with moving players at any stage of contract negoiations, also helping other agents and agencys to get deals concluded.
Having owned successful businesses & built up relationships with trusted professionals, who have access to all aspects of financial and investment knowledge. Dean can help to secure his clients current and future needs.
Having been a player and worked with many elitepersonal trainners, nutritionist and rehabilitation centres. Dean can call on a list of top professionals to help manage and look after his clients careers and get the best out of his clients. Whether its during the season or off season.

During the different stages of a young career you'll need help & advice to plan your future. Whether your an academy player or already part of a first team squad, working together Dean will help to create a plan to meet his clients short and long term goals.
Always on hand to help with clients needs. Giving advice and support by building relationships with our clients and their families, so they trust and can turn to Dean whenever needed.

Having worked with brands and orgainiations such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, IMG, SportsOnScreen etc since 2003 Dean has aquired connections that can open doors and possibilites for his clients such as sponsorship, marketing, branding and more. Giving his clients the chance to: ​
 Aquire more revenue.
  Expand on their own branding. 
Gain Sponsorship deals.
 Start a career after football.


Over the years ​Dean has worked with and formed great relationships with a range of different business and partners. All his clients can benefit from their expertise and support inculding: Coaching, training & development training, life coaching and mentoring.